Sleeping Disorders Affect Work Of Police Officers

I would guess that many police single car accidents at night are really just the driver falling asleep. Of course the police officer will never admit to falling asleep because it would probably get him fired. Traffic accidents is the second leading cause of police officers being killed in the line of duty after being murdered. According to crime in america net, in 2009 47 officers were murdered while on duty and 46 died in accidents. December 21, 2011 at 00:00 | Report abuse | Reply Thinquer WHY do people in critical jobs of responsiblity have to do rotating SHIFT work?
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Sleep Disorders: Insomnia

Alcohol or caffeine consumption in the afternoon or evening can affect sleep patterns and contribute to overall sleep disturbances, as can exercise close to bedtime and irregular sleep/wake schedules. Travel across multiple time zones can result in temporary sleep difficulties known as jet lag, which should subside as the individual adjusts to their knew time zone. The speed at which jet lag subsides, however, is somewhat dependent on the individual’s efforts. For example, forcing oneself onto a new schedule but getting up at the “regular time” and staying up even when tired until the “usual” bedtime can help speed adjustment in some people. For others with sleep difficulties, the problem may be an environmental one. Perhaps the room is too bright, or too hot or cold, or there are multiple interruptions (roommates, family, partner moving or snoring, children in the middle of the night, etc.).
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